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Photo Album

Album Name: Sunset Auto Center Investigation Return to Albums
Album Date: Jul 8, 2014
Description: Sunset Auto Center investigation
(click an image to enlarge and start a slide show)
Looks good in red For your birthday, dear Don't let my wife see this George served wine, strawberries, whipped cream, and kisses (the chocolates). Kurt and Debbie discussed something unrelated to automobiles
Bob, Dena, Charlotte (Jim was hiding), and someone unknown to Rotary Oh listen, you should hear about this great deal I got at Sunset Auto Center... President Ed Schuler opened the meeting by ringing the official, heavy, brass, Rotary bell with a resounding whack of an official, wooden, ergonomically shaped gavel Bruce Coggin pondered how he should reveal the inside scoop of a renown, Bob Manning praised Sunset Auto Center and George and Cheryl Bedford specifically for their outstanding community youth support and generosity to non-profits
ya-dah, ya-dah, ya-dah Blah, blah, blah