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Album Name: Spamalot, July 31st Return to Albums
Album Date: Aug 4, 2013
Description: The Rotary Club of Lompoc enjoying the pre-show feast in the Patron's Garden at the PCPA Solvang Theater.
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The Rotary Club of Lompoc enjoys a pre-show feast in the Patron's Garden at the PCPA in Solvang. Walking the line at the Patron's Garden Alan and Becky Grant help serve, and shoo away an annoying and persistent yellowjacket. Hmmm, Spam spread. I'll take the Brie, but I don't know about eating a pastie.
What's in this stuff, again? The Queen of Clubs, she made some tarts--wait a minute, that doesn't rhyme. Pretty good, if I do say so myself. Did you know that I have the entire script of Spamalot memorized? The tarts in Australia are far superior.
Spamalot fans, one and all. That wasn't so bad, after all. Those poor peasants out there don't know what they're missing. I wonder if we have time for another go around? Tarts and wine, a winning combination.
Who are you, and stop pointing that thing at me. Eat up, the play starts in 15 minutes.