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Album Name: Investigation at LVMC Champions' Center Return to Albums
Album Date: Apr 10, 2013
Description: Investigation at the construction site of the remodeled old hospital into the Champions' Center
(click an image to enlarge and start a slide show)
Bob tried to explain something using his hands Jim is about to demonstrate a ballet move and spin around Rotary Power!  No, Steve, it runs on diesel. Yes, Ken, we know you were born here.  Yes, Ken, we know three of your children were born here too...  And over there we will have a thingagig doing whatsoever to the patients
It's not widely known that the plant on the back of Rotary shirts can induce mind/mood alteration when smoked or distilled and drank An ever present construction guardian was sighted or was it a ghost of patients long gone? Our investigative reportors dug up dirt at the construction site and revealed it all to the members. Hmmm.... so that is what it will look like. Jim held up his end of the presentation while Joe Linden, Project Executive with ProWest Constructors, gave a detailed, precise explaination of the construction project.
Thank you Joe and Jim for an excellent tour and presentation. 
Jim, you didn't want another wine glass, did you?