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Photo Album

Album Name: Older photos of our club Return to Albums
Album Date: Jan 1, 2001
Description: Older photos of our club, past decade
(click an image to enlarge and start a slide show)
Nov 2001 Wine Tasting. Ron Reid kept the wall from swaying. 2001 Wine Tasting. Dick DeWees & ? 2001 Wine Tasting. Patti Coggin 2001 Wine Tasting. Jim Lowsley 2001 Wine Tasting. Gene Stevens and Bruce Coggins (in back).
2001 Wine Tasting. 2001 Wine Tasting. A gaggle of bidders, tasters and artichoke farm family. 2002 Flower Festival. Shawn Milburn sold boxed wine and draft beer. 2002 Flower Festival. Shawn Milburn sold boxed wine and draft beer. 2002 Pres Jim Small step-down, Bruce Coggin incoming Pres
2002 Pres Jim Small step-down, Past Pres Jim Lowsley spoke words 2002 Jim Lowsley received a Paul Harris Fellow Award 2002, new President Bruce Coggin and Shawn Milburn Dan Powell Joni Gray, Please vote for my re-election.
Jim Small spun the infamous wheel of fortune.  Thank you for your contribution, Jim. 2002: Dan Powell, Charles Littlejohn (new member inductee) and Bruce Coggin Charles Littlejohn, new Rotarian Dan Powell wielded the gavel for a brief time. Bruce Coggin
David Lemon Eva Griffin Rotary Xmas party. Jim Small and Shawn Milburn 2002 Rotary Xmas party. 2002 Rotary Xmas party. Andy Millar & family
2002, the age-less Judy & Gene Stevens 2002 Rotary Xmas party. 2003, Jim Raggio inducted new Rotarian Karen Pacheco 2003, new Rotarian Karen Pacheco welcomed by Pres Bruce Coggin Pres-Elect Andy Millar returned from PE training with a banner
Gary William spoke about Paul Harris Fellows. 2003, Jim Small received his Paul Harris Fellow award Hold still or I'll stick you Pres Bruce Coggin counts down the minutes to the end of his 2nd presidency. Bruce received another nice plaque
Dan Powell expressed his sentiment on Bruce Coggin's farewell speech Pres Andy Millar is pinned by Bruce. Later, Andy goes on to be a Geico spokeperson. Rotarian Kipp Thonack expound upon some subject Rotarian Jim Small Rotary pool party
Rotary pool party Rotary pool party Rotary pool party Rotary pool party Rotary pool party
Rotarian Andy and Bruce Rotary International President's banner Jim Keeling presented a gift to the queen candidate 2003 Lompoc Flower Festival Queen Candidate
Guest speaker Agnes Leistico A contribution roadmap Joni is happy