Listed below are the members of Lompoc Rotary:


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Member Name   Classification
Chris Ames    Business Attorney
George Bedford    Auto Sales
Fred Bittle    Mortgage Broker
Ed Braxton    Human Resources/Organizational Development
Frank Campo    Government Services
Mike Carroll    Banking
Augusto Caudillo    Restauranteur/Chef
Bruce Coggin    Health & Safety Management
Susan Croll    Project Manager
Ray Down, Jr    Banking (Ret)
Mike Dulay    Information Technology
John Free    Investments (Ret)
Alan Grant    Mortuary Services
Dena Hardeman    Director (Charity Org)
Michelle Hodapp    Personnel Services
Brian Hunt, DVM    Veterinarian
Steve Jordan    Farming
Jim Keeling    Insurance
George King    Hotel Management (Ret)
Rob Klug    General Contractor
viewing 1 to 20 of 43                                           >> Next 20 >>
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